When Will My Power Be Restored? And Other Storm Restoration Questions

Posted: June 2, 2023 at 12:51 pm

Stay back, stay safe traffic sign. Downed power pole and lines. Always assume downed lines are energized. On September 28, 2022, Hurricane Ian slashed across Peace River Electric Cooperative’s service area, leaving a path of destruction. Approximately 300 poles were broken or downed, over 100 transformers were damaged, and a majority of PRECO electric services were without power.

In the days following the storm, our members asked many questions about the power restoration process. As we enter the 2023 Hurricane Season, let’s focus on the most common questions.

When will my power come back on?

Unfortunately, no one can accurately answer this question, and we don’t want to mislead you by guessing. Repairing extensive hurricane damage is like peeling an onion. As crews progress, often other problems are discovered, which must be fixed before power is restored. We aim to restore power quickly without compromising anyone’s safety.

Why don’t I see trucks in my neighborhood?

Our substations receive power from the statewide grid before being distributed onto our power lines. For power to travel to you, crews must start at the substation and work outward toward your location. Power crews are at work, even if you don’t see them in your area yet.

What if there is a power line down in my yard?

I can’t say this strongly enough: never touch downed power lines! Don’t risk injury or death by approaching lines, moving lines, or touching anything entangled in the lines. To report downed lines and hazards, call us at 800-282-3824 or dial 9-1-1.

What if I have medical issues?

After a hurricane, power could be off for days. If you rely on electric-powered medical equipment and have no backup power source, please move to an alternate location until power is restored.

How can I get updates after a storm?

When thousands of members are without power, it is physically impossible to answer every call. So, we have communication channels you can visit for updates. See page 29 of this magazine for details.

The bottom line is that PRECO employees and mutual aid workers are committed to restoring your electric service as quickly and safely as possible. We take our responsibility to power the community seriously and will keep working until power is restored for all.