Surge Suppressors Help Protect Your Appliances & Electronics

Posted: May 1, 2020 at 3:36 pm

Now through June 30, 2020, you can have a surge suppressor installed free (a $24.95 savings).

Power surges—also known as power spikes—are caused by lightning, trees and limbs falling onto power lines, and even vehicle accidents. They also happen from within your home when your air conditioner cycles on and off.

Whatever the cause, it is generally your responsibility – not the cooperative’s – to protect your devices.

A meter socket surge suppressor from PRECO offers whole-house protection and helps defend your household wiring and large, motor-driven appliances from destructive power surges. A whole-house surge suppressor sits underneath the meter to provide constant protection.

A meter socket surge suppressor should be considered as your first line of defense. You should also protect your individual devices such as computers, TVs and entertainment systems with individual surge protectors. These plug-in devices are rated in joules. For increased protection, consider purchasing surge protectors with a rating of at least 600 joules.

Cost: $5.95 plus tax per month.

To sign up, email or 800-282-3824. Visit our Surge Suppressor page for more information.