Surge Suppressor Free Installation through May 2022

Posted: April 1, 2022 at 3:56 pm

Peace of mind for only a few dollars a month

An electrical surge is a brief, sudden spike in voltage. Surges can occur from uncontrollable sources such as lightning, tree limbs on power lines, car crashes and even small animals on PRECO’s lines and equipment. Surges can also come from within your home, when major appliances, like your air conditioner or clothes dryer, cycle on and off. Even if lasting less than one second, surges can damage your electrical equipment.

One solution to power surges is to unplug every electrical device that isn’t currently in use, but that isn’t practical. A better alternative is a whole-house surge protector. At your request, PRECO will install a surge suppressor in your electric meter, offering our highest level of whole-house protection for your motor-driven appliances.

Free installation through May 2022

An installation fee of $24.95 typically applies, but act by May 31, 2022, and PRECO will install a surge suppressor in your meter socket free of charge! Then, for a monthly fee of only $5.95 (plus tax), you’ll enjoy our highest level of surge protection.

How do I sign up?

Complete an online form by visiting Tools/Surge Protection. To learn more, email us at or call 800-282-3824.

A surge suppressor connected to your electric meter is considered your first line of defense. We also recommend adding point-of-use surge protectors for individual devices such as computers, TVs and entertainment systems. Point-of-use surge suppressors, available at your local retailer, are rated in joules. Look for a rating of 600 joules or higher.

  • It is the consumer’s responsibility to protect their electronic devices.
  • Meter socket surge suppressors can stop power surges from coming into your home.
  • Installation typically occurs within 3-5 days after applying online.