SmartHub Users: New Notification Now Available!

Posted: November 2, 2021 at 3:16 pm

SmartHub, your personal PRECO account management system, is always working to bring you more convenient features. We know you’re always on the go and want quick updates regarding your electric account.

Already included with your account are many notifications you can choose to keep up to date, such as, when your bill is available, when your credit card is about to expire, when your bill is past due and more.

We recently added a new notification: Payment Posted. You can now receive an email or text when your bank draft, recurring credit card (AutoPay), online banking or paid-by-phone payment is applied to your account. But, you must opt in to begin receiving these convenient Payment Posted notifications.

To opt in, log in to your online account at, then click or tap Manage Notifications and select Payment Posted. If using the SmartHub mobile app, tap Settings, then Manage Notifications and select Payment Posted.

Did you know SmartHub can also remind you when your payment is due? You have the option to choose the number of days prior to your due date that you would like to receive a payment reminder by email or text. Just access your online account at or open the SmartHub mobile app. Click or tap Manage Notifications and select Payment Reminder.

While you’re visiting the Manage Notifications web page, check out the many other handy notifications you can choose to stay informed about your electric account.

PRECO is always looking for new ways to empower our members.