PrePaid Power: Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up by calling 800-282-3824 or by filling out the Enrollment Form.

There are no additional fees for current members, but an initial minimum credit of $50 is required. New members are required to pay a $5 membership fee, a $30 account establishment fee and start the account with an initial $65 credit.

No. Deposits are not required and accounts are not penalized for disconnects and reconnects.

To participate in PrePaid Power, you must receive service under the residential rate and have a compatible meter. To verify if your service is eligible, call 800-282-3824 or fill out the Enrollment Form.

Yes. PrePaid Power offers a deferred payment option to members on monthly billing with overdue payments. If the outstanding balance is set up on a deferred payment plan, 50% of each payment you make will be applied to reduce your past-due balance, and 50% will be added to your PrePaid Power account for future use.

No. With PrePaid Power, you make payments when it best fits your budget and schedule.

You may access your account information online 24/7 from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You will automatically receive low balance notifications when your account reaches a credit balance of $25. You can manage and update your notification preferences through your online account.

You will be subject to immediate disconnection any time your account does not have a credit balance.

You must have a minimum $5 credit balance on your account for power to be restored. Members participating in our deferred payment program will be required to pay the entire deferred balance and have a minimum $5 credit balance on their account.

Payments can be made 24 hours a day online through your SmartHub account or by calling 855-386-9924. You may also make a payment during normal business hours at any of our offices. You are not eligible to utilize AutoPay or Bank Draft for payments.

When your minimum required payment has been received, your meter should reconnect within a few minutes. If your service hasn’t been reconnected within 15 minutes after making payment, please call 800-282-3824.

If your PrePaid Power account is in an “Off” status for a period of 7 days, your account will be closed. If you decide to reactivate your closed account, you will be required to apply for service.

Members who participate in PrePaid Power are not eligible for payment arrangements. However, you control when and how much you pay toward your electric service.

When a monthly billed account is converted to PrePaid Power, the existing deposit is applied toward any outstanding balance. Any remaining credit will be applied to the PrePaid Power account. If a past-due balance exists, the outstanding balance may be set up on a deferred payment plan, in which 50% of each payment you make will be applied to this balance.

With 24/7 access to your account, monitoring your daily energy use allows you to change or reduce your use to help keep electric costs down.

If you are moving, contact PRECO and let us know the day you want your service disconnected. Members are responsible for all electric usage and related charges unless they have notified us that they no longer occupy the service location.

You may switch to monthly billing at any time by contacting our Customer Care team at 800-282-3824. If you convert from PrePaid Power to a monthly billed account, a full deposit may be required.