Understanding Your Bill

PRECO calculates your bill monthly according to the amount of electricity you have consumed. Other bill charges include any optional services you may have (such as outdoor lighting or surge suppressor equipment), taxes, and fees.

Facilities Use Charge
A fixed amount added to the bill for the ability to receive electricity at your location. This charge reflects the monthly costs associated with delivering power, such as depreciation expense, interest, poles, wire and maintenance costs.

Energy Charge
The amount of electricity used multiplied by the applicable electric rate(s).

Reflects the co-op’s cost to purchase power wholesale from Seminole Electric Cooperative, our power provider. It is revised periodically to reflect any increase or decrease in the power cost.

State and local sales taxes and fees. PRECO collects and submits these taxes directly to the appropriate government agency.

Operation Round Up
Funds collected are used to assist local families and charitable organizations by providing grants for food, shelter, medical, clothing, the environment and college scholarships. Operation Round Up rounds up your electric bill to the next dollar each month. Participation is voluntary. Learn more about Operation Round Up.

“Go green” with Paperless Billing
Be a friend to the environment and reduce the clutter in your mailbox with Paperless Billing. Log in to your online account to sign up.

Rates and fees are subject to change periodically. Refer to the Rates and Fees page for the cooperative’s current rate tariff schedules.

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Image of a Peace River Electric Bill with detailed explanations.