Billing Options

Budget Billing

Budget Billing takes the guesswork out of paying your electric bills by providing you with the same monthly bill amount for one year. The monthly budget amount, recalculated annually, is based on the average monthly energy use for your account during the previous 12 months.

Although you pay a set amount each month, you are responsible for all of your energy use. At recalculation time, any deficit or credit will be reflected in your new budget amount.

Members on the R-S Residential Rate with 12 months of billing history are eligible for enrollment. Please contact Customer Care to learn more. Members billed on a Time of Use rate or Renewable Distributed Generation rate (Solar) are not eligible for budget billing.

For questions or to enroll, call our office at 800-282-3824.

Paperless Bills

Save time, money and effort by enrolling in paperless billing. No paper to mail, file, shred or clutter your mailbox!

Enroll today through your online account. Once logged in, choose Paperless Bills under Quick Links to change your printed bill status.

You may also manage your contacts and choose to receive your bill availability notifications via email or text message.

Invoice Statements

PRECO offers an invoice statement for members with multiple accounts. An invoice statement consolidates all of your billing accounts onto one statement with one due date. If you receive 2 or more bills and want to consolidate them onto one invoice statement, call us at 800-282-3824.

Change your Billing Cycle

Choose a billing cycle that is more convenient to you:

  • You may change your bill cycle once every 12 months
  • Your next bill may be higher or lower than usual because your billing period may be shorter or longer
  • The bill due date may fluctuate by a few days each month due to weekends and holidays
  • The change may take up to 2 months to process. This depends on your current bill cycle and the new cycle you choose
  • Your current bill is still due on the original due date

To change your billing cycle, call us at 800-282-3824.