Report an Outage

PRECO strives to provide continuous, reliable electric service. However, there may be times when trouble occurs either in your own electrical system or on cooperative lines causing a power outage.

Three ways to report a power outage

  1. Report an outage through your online account or SmartHub mobile app.
  2. Text your outage to our Outage Texting System (see below).
  3. Call 800-282-3824, then follow the prompts. For our Outage Reporting System to automatically identify your location, a valid phone number must be associated with your account in our system.

Outage Texting

To use Outage Texting, you must first be enrolled. To enroll, simply text PRECO to 800-282-3824 and follow the prompts.Image of a cell phone. Text OUT to 800-282-3824 to report an outage

To report an outage and receive outage updates on your phone text the word OUT to 800-282-3824.

Your mobile phone number must be associated with your electric account. Update the number on your account through your online account or by calling us.

Outage Texting FAQ

Simply text PRECO to 800-282-3824.

Text STOP to 800-282-3824.

Under normal circumstances, our dispatch center is notified of an outage after two minutes without power; text messages are sent automatically after that. If your meter is not an automated meter, our system will not receive a notification that you are without power.

There are 3 interactive text commands:

OUT — Submit an outage directly to our dispatch center
STATUS — Request updates for an ongoing outage
HELP — An automated response will provide PRECO’s 800 number and other information

PRECO does not charge a fee for this service. However, you may incur standard text message or data charges from your mobile carrier provider.

No. A small number of members have an analog meter on their electric service. Outage Texting System technology is only compatible with automated meters.