New Construction Forms

To initiate the new construction process, please complete the  New Construction Form.

  • You will receive a follow-up email with further instructions.
  • You will receive a call from our Engineering Department to discuss your job and schedule an onsite visit.


When you are ready to move forward, please complete the following:

Membership Application Form – new members only: Individual Form (PDF) or Business Form (PDF)

Add New Service – Existing Member (PDF)

New Construction Permissions Form (PDF). Prior to signing this form, please review our Tree Trimming and Vegetation Guidelines.

Submit Tax Exemption Forms (if applicable)

Before we can install your power, trees, shrubs and limbs must be cleared at least 15 feet on both sides from where the power line will be built. Tree limbs hanging within the 15-foot zone must be trimmed “ground to sky.” See example below.

Trees and limbs must be trimmed or removed within 15 feet of power lines
Power lines need at least 15 feet of clearance on either side.








Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we require an electrical inspection or an Agricultural Exemption letter from your county.

No, PRECO will not install an outdoor light on your meter pole.

This varies by county. If county regulations allow a 2nd meter on the same pole, they will issue a permit to PRECO.

Yes, call 800-282-3824 for more information.

Yes, if we replace pole(s) at your service location you may keep them. PRECO will not transport poles to another location.

No, you must install your meter can on your own pole. Installation and maintenance of the meter pole is the member’s responsibility.

No, a licensed electrician must build or install your meter pole. Check your county’s building and zoning department for a list of licensed electricians.

Meter poles can be purchased from most hardware stores or electrical supply companies.

No, you must stay 2′ from the pole. Refer to PRECO Standards for Electric Service, section N, “Unauthorized Attachments.”

20′ for single-phase power and 30′ for 3-phase power.

Call 811 or complete an online request at at least 2 full business days before digging. All utilities with buried lines on your property will locate and mark these lines so you can safely avoid them when digging. This is a free service.

Refer to PRECO Standards for Electric Service, “Temporary/Construction Service from Overhead System (typical).”

After your Contribution-in-Aid fees have been paid, you can pick up a meter can at one of our operations centers. You will need to provide your account number and work order number to request a meter can. Please call 800-282-3824 to schedule a time to pick up your meter can.