Developer Checklist

Please be advised that for Peace River Electric Cooperative (hereinafter referred to as PRECO) to produce design documents for a new development, the following checklist must be completed.

Requirements to Begin Design

  • One (1) electronic copy of “County Approved” Subdivision drawing, recorded and stamped
  • One (1) AutoCAD format (.dwg) drawing of the site plan. Drawing must be on FL State Plane Coordinates NAD 83 System Format and must include all utilities, streets, road, sidewalks, lot numbers and lines, ponds and permanent landscaping fixtures and buildings other than single family residence. (Please Note: drawings sent with extraneous layers, blocks or xrefs will not be accepted)
  • One (1) copy of the Development Construction Phasing Plan, if applicable
  • Indicate the location of the pump station, club-house or any other structure requiring 3-phase load, if applicable. (Please note: All Load sheets must be completed and returned to PRECO as soon as possible to ensure that no delay occurs)
  • Indicate the location of any PRECO provided metering for street lights. PRECO does not provide street lighting
  • Contact name and daytime telephone number of Development Point-of-Contact

PRECO requires easements for any property requiring electrical service. As such, we require tax map/parcel information for each lot in the development. To expedite the process, PRECO prefers to secure the easement before the site is sub-divided. If the site has not been sub-divided at time of Checklist submittal, please provide the tax-map information for the site.

Requirements to Begin Construction

  • Make payment on invoice submitted based on design
  • Before PRECO personnel can begin staking equipment in the field, all property markers must be installed and all grading within the phase of the development must be within 6 inches of final grade. A flat, stump-free cleared path 10 feet from the top back slope to the swale must be available. Additionally, all curb/gutter, sidewalk or any other permanently installed feature must be in place before installation of wire can begin