Trimming Guidelines

We trim our system on an approximately 4-year cycle. Whenever trimming is scheduled in your area which includes trees on your property, you will be notified in-person or by phone, postcard, or door hanger before work begins. We also perform “hot-spot” trimming when needed.

  • Primary Lines: Trimming requirements vary according to facility type, tree species and line proximity. The goal is to prune branches and remove trees to provide adequate long-term clearance and service reliability.
  • Service Lines: We require 3 feet of clearance on either side of the service line (the wires which stretch from your roof to the first pole). PRECO personnel or contractors maintain clearance on a three-year cycle or as needed.
  • Single-Phase Lines: PRECO requires a 20’ wide path (10 feet on both sides of line), ground to sky, free from trees and branches. For open-conductor secondary lines, a minimum of 5 feet on either side is required.
  • 3-Phase Lines: A 30’ wide path (15 feet on both sides of line), ground to sky, is required for us to provide safe, efficient and reliable electric service.

If you have a question regarding right-of-way trimming, contact Customer Care at 800-282-3824.