Right-of-Way Trimming Activities

Posted: December 19, 2018 at 10:56 am

Trees and power lines don’t mix. Right-of-Way trimming helps prevent power outages by maintaining a safe distance between trees and power lines. Proper tree clearance also helps our linemen restore power outages faster.

PRECO uses Georgia Right of Way to trim trees. Their personnel are trained to safely prune or remove trees around our power lines.

December-January Schedule

Eastern District: crews are working on Highway 64 in eastern Avon Park near Lake Arbuckle

Central District: crews are working in the Sweetwater area, on Highway 64 east of Zolfo Springs and on Popash Road near Wauchula

Western District: Crews are working on Highway 70 around Myakka City and also on Old Tampa Road.

Customer-submitted tree trimming service orders are typically worked on Fridays.

For Your Safety

Please do not attempt to prune trees near power lines. Call PRECO at (800) 282-3824.