PRECO Board of Director Elections

For nearly 80 years, Peace River Electric Cooperative has been owned by the people we serve. That makes you a member-owner. And, that’s why you have a say in who serves on PRECO’s Board of Directors.

Elected directors serve three-year terms. Members vote for directors who represent their district. Your District number is printed on your electric bill.

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors and would like more information, please contact Charlotte Heston at (800) 282-3824 or

Director Seats Expiring 2019

District 3         Bruce Vickers

District 6         John Martin

District 9         Willie Dawes

September 2018

Board of Directors officially appoints the Nominating Committee. If you wish to serve on the Nominating Committee in your district, contact your Director. Deadline to submit potential Nominating Committee names to the Board of Directors is September 7, 2018.

November 2018

Nominating Committee member names and contact information are published in the Florida Currents magazine. PRECO members are encouraged to submit names of qualified director-nominees to this committee.

December 2018

Nominating Committees meet and select Board of Director nominees. Our bylaws also provide for nomination by petition, not less than 75 days prior to the date of the Annual Meeting; contact the cooperative for more information.

January 2019

Nominations for Board of Director by petition must be submitted no later than January 7, 2019. An official notice containing nominee and District Meeting information will be mailed to the voters in each District.

February 2019

District Meetings will be held and a Director elected.

March 2019

Newly elected Board Members will be seated at the cooperative’s Annual Membership Meeting.