PRECO Awards $72,000 in College Scholarships

Operation Round Up, Peace River Electric Cooperative’s (PRECO) charitable foundation, has awarded $72,000 in college scholarships to 12 local students. Since Operation Round Up was founded in 2005, more than 150 students in the Cooperative’s 10-county service area have been awarded college scholarships totaling more than $719,000.

Operation Round Up’s nine-member board of directors screens each application thoroughly to choose the most qualified candidates.

To apply, students must live in a home served by PRECO, maintain good grades, be active in the community and submit an essay describing their life, career and educational goals.

“The cost of obtaining a college degree continues to rise year after year,” explains Ellen Hamel, Operation Round Up board chairperson. “The board is pleased to help make college more affordable for students and parents.”

Funding for Operation Round Up comes from the donations of PRECO’s member-consumers. Each participating member’s electric bill is rounded up to the next dollar to provide charitable funds in the areas of food, shelter, clothing, medical, the environment and education. Participation is voluntary; members may join or opt out at any time by contacting the Cooperative.

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Scholarship Winners

Lakewood Ranch High School

Cole Clark                                            $8,000

Julianne Dillon                                   $8,000

Kyle Wray                                            $8,000



New Gate School

Benjamin Bogard                              $8,000


Sarasota Military Academy

Erick Barnard                                     $8,000

Alex Murphy                                      $4,000


Southeast High School

Brittany Hasiak                                  $4,000

Geoffrey Simon                                $4,000

Victoria Sinclair                                  $4,000

Janet Worthman                              $4,000


Post-High School Students

John Thompson                                $8,000

Emily Melchior                                  $4,000


Total                                                      $72,000