Pay-As-You-Go with PrePaid Power

Posted: March 1, 2023 at 9:12 am

Food, gas and cell phone minutes are some of the goods and services we typically buy before actually using. With Peace River Electric Cooperative’s PrePaid Power service, you control when and how much you pay for electricity. It’s up to you.

Eliminate Security Deposits and Fees

Traditional Monthly Bill Deposit: $200 & up        PrePaid: $0
Traditional Monthly Bill Late Fee: $10                    PrePaid: $0
Traditional Monthly Bill Reconnect Fee: $40      PrePaid: $0
Traditional Monthly Bill Collection Fee: $30        PrePaid: $0

Simple, easy, no hassles

No due dates. Pay on your own schedule.
No monthly bills. You’ll receive low-balance alerts by text, email or phone.
Pay what you can afford when you need more power.
You’re in control of your energy bill.

How does it work?

PRECO’s PrePaid Power works like refueling your car. You fill up the car, drive it until the gas gauge gets low, then add more fuel. Similarly, with PrePaid Power your account balance decreases as you use electricity. When your account balance gets low, you simply add more funds to your account.

Convenient payment options

  • Log in to your online account at or our SmartHub app on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Visit a payment kiosk at one of our three offices, 24/7
  • Pay by phone at 855-386-9924
  • Authorize automatic payments by credit card or banking/checking account with AutoPay
  • Visit a MoneyGram store near you

How to sign up

Simply complete an enrollment form online at or call us at 800-282-3824.