New Two-Factor Authentication: A few seconds slower but safer for you

Posted: April 1, 2018 at 7:00 am

When you visit one of our offices to conduct business, we often need to log in to a computer to assist you.

Person Using Laptop and Holding Cell Phone“For your protection, PRECO has instituted new industry standards requiring two-factor authentication,” explains I.T. Manager Max Baker. “First, we look up a temporary security code on an assigned cell phone, then enter the number plus a password to unlock our computers.”

This adds a few seconds to the process but helps assure that the person looking at your account is authorized to do so.

“Understandably, as we implemented this, a few of our members assumed that employees were ignoring them by picking up a cell phone before serving them,” adds Max. “After explaining that it’s necessary to add an additional layer of protection, then members don’t mind the wait.”

PRECO works hard to safeguard your private information. For more information about our privacy policies, visit or call 1-800-282-3824.