Move Over for Power Crews

PRECO line crews are required to work on the side of the road daily—and often in the middle of the night. Handling high voltage electricity is dangerous enough by itself. Whenever drivers pass too closely to linemen and trucks the danger increases.

Florida law requires vehicles to change lanes or slow down when approaching not only police cars, ambulances and sanitation vehicles, but bucket trucks, tow trucks and other utility vehicles too. By slowing down and giving them a little extra space to work you are giving workers a cushion of protection.

Florida’s Move Over Law:

When driving on a roadway with multiple lanes going in the same direction, move out of the lane closest to the stopped vehicle. If you can’t safely move over, slow down to 20 mph below the posted speed limit

On a two-lane roadway, slow to 20 mph less than the posted speed limit. If the speed limit is 20 mph or less, slow down to 5 mph

Violating the Move Over law can result in a fine and points on your license.

When the power goes out, so do our line crews, so please help keep them safe by moving over or slowing down.