Outdoor Lighting

PRECO uses LED technology for its Outdoor Lighting. LED outdoor lights provide a brighter, whiter light than the amber-colored light given off by the existing sodium lights. In addition, they are dark sky friendly and more energy efficient.

Existing lights will be replaced with LED lights as repairs are needed. All new installations will be LED lights.

PRECO will furnish, install, operate and maintain your lights. Lights can only be installed on a PRECO pole.

Please contact Customer Care at 1-800-282-3824 to install outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Rates

How to report a damaged or nonworking outdoor light on PRECO lines:

  • Access SmartHub on the Web or Mobile App, or,
  • Call Customer Care at 1-800-282-3824

When reporting, please provide the following:

  • The specific street address where the light is located
  • A description of where the light is located on the property
  • A description of the problem
  • Your contact information including name, address and telephone number