Tree Trimming & Vegetation

Trees compromise power line safety and reliability

Florida’s climate allows trees to grow year-round. When branches mesh with power lines, electric service safety and reliability is compromised. That’s why PRECO works to keep trees away from its 3,500 miles of power lines.


  • Our commitment to safety is why we discourage members and untrained contractors from pruning trees near power lines
  • Georgia Right of Way, our contractor, uses trained personnel to safely prune or remove trees around our power lines
  • If you are planning to remove or trim a tree near our lines or if you spot a tree which may endanger the lines, report it by calling 1-800-282-3824
  • Don’t allow children to climb trees near power lines


  • Right-of-Way trimming helps prevent power outages by maintaining a safe distance between trees and power lines
  • In compliance with national standards, we prune or remove trees that threaten your electric service
  • By allowing open access for repair crews and vehicles, proper clearance helps us to restore power faster during an outage

Tree Planting and Trimming Guidelines

Trees growing under or near power lines are a common cause of power outages.  Proper tree planting keeps trees and limbs away from our overhead power lines.  Help keep our lines clear by following the Tree Planting Guide.

Proper pruning directs future growth away from power lines, reduces regrowth and protects the tree from decay. “Tree topping” is avoided because topped trees can quickly regain their original height and fast-growing sprouts are susceptible to breakage during storms.

Tree Planting Guide

Planting around Underground Power Equipment

Newer developments typically have underground electric service coming from a green transformer box. Members may think this box is unattractive and want to put up a fence or plant bushes in front of the box to disguise it. Please follow the safety rules below before installing a fence or planting bushes near an underground transformer box.

  • Do not place a fence or bushes within 3 feet of the rear sides of the transformer
  • Keep fences and plants at least 10 feet away from the front of the transformer where the lock is located. Our linemen use an 8-foot-long “hot stick” to work on pad mount transformers.

Fences and plants too close to underground transformer boxes are a safety hazard to PRECO employees and create longer restoration times.  PRECO employees and contractors regularly inspect facilities and will leave a door hanger or contact you by phone if you have landscaping that impedes access.  You will be asked to remove the obstructing landscaping.

underground transformer safety graphic

Trimming Guidelines

We trim our system on an approximate 4-year cycle. Whenever trimming is scheduled in your area which includes trees on your property, you will be notified in-person or by phone, postcard or door hanger, before work begins. We also perform “hot-spot” trimming, when needed.

  • Primary Lines: Trimming requirements vary according to facility type, tree species and line proximity. The goal is to prune branches and remove trees to provide adequate long-term clearance and service reliability.
  • Service Lines: We require 3 feet of clearance on either side of the service line (the wires which stretch from your roof to the first pole). PRECO personnel or contractors maintain clearance on a three-year cycle or as needed.
  • Single-Phase Lines: PRECO requires a 20’ wide path (10 feet on both sides of line), ground to sky, free from trees and branches. For open-conductor secondary lines, a minimum of 5 feet on either side is required.
  • 3-Phase Lines: A 30’ wide path (15 feet on both sides of line), ground to sky, is required for us to provide safe, efficient and reliable electric service.

If you have a question regarding right-of-way trimming, contact Customer Care at 1-800-282-3824.