Lineman’s Safety Gear Protects Their Lives

Posted: October 3, 2018 at 3:10 pm

Linemen risk their lives every day making sure power flows safely to your homes and businesses. They climb and dig when power outages occur in the worst weather conditions to get your power back on. To make sure they go home safely to their families every night, linemen wear about 50 pounds of safety gear.

The Well-Dressed Lineman Wears:

Hard hat: The tough plastic shell and wide brim keep falling debris away from a lineman’s face. Each lineman inspects his hat routinely for wear and tear.

Safety glasses: These glasses protect the eyes against glare and deflect any debris that make it past the hard hat.Photo shows the safety gear that a lineman must wear

Flame-resistant (FR) clothing: We work to prevent them, but unexpected fires can happen. FR clothing will self-extinguish, thus limiting burn injuries.

Insulated rubber gloves: Rubber gloves worn to protect against electrical shock and burn. Rated at 30,000 volts, these gloves allow linemen to repair lines without disconnecting your power.

Rubber glove protectors: Leather gloves are worn over insulated rubber gloves to protect them from cuts and punctures.

Hot stick: Made of high-voltage tested fiberglass, this extendable tool allows linemen to work with energized lines from a safe distance. Numerous tools can be attached to this device for various tasks.

Equipment belt: Virtually every tool a lineman might need can be clipped or fastened to this multipurpose belt.

Tool pouch: A leather satchel attached to the equipment belt for easy access to tools, such as pliers, wrenches and hammers.

Work boots: This steel toe boot—typically 16 inches tall—shields linemen from gouges. Serrated heels provide a better grip when climbing poles.

Gaff climbers: Shanks are secured to the lineman’s lower leg by straps. Razor-sharp steel points—called gaffs—dig into the wooden pole, allowing linemen to climb safely and efficiently.

Fall arrest system: This safety-strap system is designed to tighten against the pole to stop a fall.

Safety strap: Attached by two D rings to the equipment belt, this strap wraps around the pole while a lineman is climbing the pole.