Florida Currents Magazine

Florida Currents is PRECO’s primary tool for communicating with our member-owners.

Florida people, Florida placesCover of the Florida Currents magazine with Youth Students at the US Capitol

Each month, Florida Currents is filled with engaging articles on Florida history, outdoor activities, travel, food, dining, recipes, scenic beauty, state parks, upcoming festivals/events, and more.

Important information and announcements

You’ll find important notices for PRECO members, such as District Meeting and Annual Meeting information, special announcements, required notices, energy-saving articles and more.

Two ways to receive Florida Currents

All PRECO members receive Florida Currents around the 20th of each month. It’s available as a paper magazine or in digital form.

See the latest issue of Florida Currents or view the archives.

Want to receive Florida Currents by email?

Sign up for PRECO’s Florida Currents e-magazine and you’ll receive an email each month instead of a physical copy in the mail. Simply click on the link in the email and start reading!

The benefits

  • It’s paperless
  • It’s the green, earth-friendly alternative
  • Instant online access to the full Florida Currents magazine
  • It’s free
  • Past issues are archived for easy viewing

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