How You’re Using Ceiling Fans Wrong

Ceiling fans are in nearly every home. When used correctly, they can help reduce your electric bill. But, when used incorrectly, ceiling fans actually increase your electric usage.

Here’s where you go wrong when using ceiling fans

(1) Not flipping the switch

If your ceiling fan is reversible, flip the switch to blow air down in warm months and up during cool months. Pushing air down in summer makes you feel cooler and drawing air up in winter circulates warm air near the ceiling down into the room.

(2) Not adjusting your thermostat

The point of ceiling fans is to make you “feel” warmer or cooler. When using ceiling fans, turn up your thermostat a few degrees in summer and down a few degrees in winter and you’ll save energy and money without sacrificing comfort.

(3) Not turning it off

Turn off ceiling fans in every unoccupied room. Keep in mind: ceiling fans cool (or warm) people, not rooms. When you leave a room, switch off the ceiling fan.

(4) Not buying the correct size

Before buying a ceiling fan check the manufacturer’s recommendation for the room size. A fan that’s too small won’t do a good job and one that’s too big wastes energy.

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