Surge Protection

Power surges – sudden increases in voltage – can occur due to tree limbs on power lines, small animals contacting our equipment and even from your home when major appliances cycle on and off.

A surge protector can send excess voltage away from your devices and help prevent damage to your electronic equipment.

PRECO offers surge protection (PDF) to members to help stop indirect surges that could damage or destroy major appliances such as air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

A meter socket surge suppressor can be installed for a one-time fee of $24.95 and a monthly fee of $5.95 plus tax.

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Surge Suppressor Q&A

A power surge is when the voltage increases above the normal flow of electricity through your home.

The most common cause of power surges are lightning strikes. But, surges can also be caused by birds, animals and trees interfering with power lines, auto accidents involving utility poles or appliances cycling on and off in your home.

PRECO can install a heavy-duty surge suppressor in the meter base to help stop indirect surges which could damage or destroy household wiring or large motor-driven appliances such as air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

Fill out the Surge Suppressor Installation Form at the bottom of this page.

A one-time installation fee of $24.95, plus a monthly fee of $5.95 plus tax, will be added to your electric bill.

No, there is not a penalty. Contact our Customer Care Department at 800-282-3824 to have the surge suppressor removed.

Nothing can protect your home’s electronics from a direct or indirect lightning strike.

No, not by itself. Surges can enter your home by phone line, cable or electrical lines. The meter-base surge suppressor offers protection from surges through the electrical lines. A surge can cause damage to your sensitive equipment such as computers or home theater systems. We recommend that additional plug-in devices or power strips be used as a “second” line of defense.

No, you do not have to be at home for the installation. Yes, generally the power will be off for less than 15 minutes during the installation.

The meter-based suppressor has an indicator light that lets you know it is functioning properly. If the light is not illuminated, call us  at 800-282-3824 so the surge suppressor can be repaired or replaced as part of the service coverage.

Contact our Customer Care Department at 800-282-3824. If our surge suppressor fails because of a power surge and your appliance is damaged by that power surge, PRECO will reimburse you at fair market value.

Please fill out the form below to request a surge suppressor.

Surge Supressor Installation Request

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  • Your power will be off less than 15 minutes during the installation. You do not need to be at home during installation.