Loss Claim

Occasionally, PRECO members ask who is responsible for damage to their home and appliances resulting from lightning, power outages and other causes, and how to file a claim for losses. For your convenience, we have included frequently asked questions and a claim form below.

Loss Claim Q&A

Peace River Electric Cooperative cannot be held liable for damages caused by acts of nature or equipment failure. The member assumes liability for losses related to power outages or voltage fluctuations caused by animal contact, weather-related events or equipment failure.

If the surge suppressor has failed, the customer may be eligible to receive reimbursement for damaged items caused by an indirect surge.

No. PRECO cannot guarantee uninterrupted electric service.

Most homeowner insurance policies cover lightning damage. It is the consumer’s responsibility to contact their insurance company to determine coverage or file a claim for damages.

Consider signing up for PRECO’s low-cost surge protection program. A surge suppressor installed in your electric meter will help stop indirect surges that could damage or destroy wiring and appliances.

Also, ensure that your equipment, wiring and electrical system are properly maintained and up to code. See Maintenance Responsibilities for a breakdown of who is responsible for maintaining the different segments of the electric system that serves your location.

Loss Claim Form

Before submitting a claim to PRECO, please consider that the Cooperative “does not ensure, guarantee or warrant that it will provide adequate, continuous or non-fluctuating Cooperative service. The Cooperative is not liable for damages, costs or expenses, including attorney fees or legal expenses, caused by the Cooperative providing inadequate, noncontinuous or fluctuating Cooperative services, unless the damages, costs or expenses are caused by the Cooperative’s gross negligence or willful misconduct. The Cooperative’s responsibility and liability for providing a Cooperative service terminate upon delivery of the service to a member.” (PRECO Bylaws, Article I, Section 6)

If you wish to file a claim, complete the form below and submit any receipts and/or repair estimates to support your claim.

Loss Claim Form

  • Enter the first and last name on your account
  • Enter your PRECO account number
  • Describe the event which caused the damage to your appliance, equipment or property
  • Choose the date that the event occurred
    MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • List description of damaged item(s), quantity and cost
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, Max. file size: 10 MB, Max. files: 3.