4 Ways to Report Outages

Posted: June 4, 2019 at 12:17 pm

Hurricanes, lightning, downed trees, broken limbs and even small animals can cause power outages.

4 ways to report outages

  1. Notify us through your online account on our website
  2. Use our SmartHub app on your phone or mobile device
  3. Text OUT to 800-282-3824
  4. Call 800-282-3824, then follow the prompts (Due to high call volumes, delays are likely during major outages)

When you call or text to report an outage, our system relies on your phone number to identify your location, so make sure your phone number is correct on your account. Verify or update your phone number using one of the methods below.

4 ways to update your phone number

  1. Use your online account on our website or use the SmartHub mobile app
  2. Call 800-282-3824 and follow the prompts
  3. Write the number on the back of the bill stub and mail it with your payment
  4. Speak to Customer Care at 800-282-3824

If you see possibly dangerous situations such a power line on a car, home, fence or other hazards, call 911 first, then report it PRECO.