Community Charitable Donations

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Peace River Electric Cooperative is a strong community supporter. One of the many ways we demonstrate this support within the 10 Florida counties we serve is to provide charitable donations to worthy organizations and community projects.

PRECO’s annual budget for charitable donations amounts to less than $1 per member account per year.

Donations or contributions may be made for a wide range of projects including school academic and extra-curricular activities, sports sponsorships, community service group activities, fundraisers, and community awareness campaigns, just to give a few examples.

The availability of charitable funds is not assured and funds are not guaranteed to any particular organization or project. Funds are distributed at the discretion of the cooperative and the denial of funds does not imply that an organization’s project has no merit.

(Organizations with large scale projects should consider applying to our Operation Round Up Charitable Foundation. Click here for more info.)

Donations will not be made to:

  • Any organization’s operating fund.
  • Political causes or lobbying efforts.
  • Projects of religious denominations, unless it is absolutely clear the project is directed to the benefit of the community-at-large.

Donation Request Form

All requests for charitable funds must be accompanied with a completed “Donation Request Form.” Click below to access the form. Type your answers directly into the form itself, then save the completed form to your computer. (You must have Adobe Reader to use this form.)

Donation Request Form